Admissions & Registration 

St. Mark tuition remains one of the lowest in the area. Our parish has chosen to maintain a very affordable
tuition rate for parents who want to provide their children with quality Catholic education.

Registration Form Re-Registration Form

Practicing St. Mark Parishioner

A practicing parishioner is registered in St. Mark Parish, practices their faith by regular
attendance at Mass, and contributes to the financial support of the parish by the consistent use of Sunday envelopes, giving
minimally $10.00 a week.  Additionally, parents and guardians are required to participate in the Gift Card Program, which they will find mutually beneficial to their family and the school. An easily attainable minimum annual purchase of $5,000 is expected to maintain your Practicing Parishioner status, please see the Gift Card coordinator in the parish office to see how easy it is!

Tuition Rates:

1 child $3,150
2 children $5,300
3 or more children $7,450

Non-Practicing / Non-Parishioner 

Any family who is not a practicing member of St. Mark, as stated above, or is not registered in the parish.If you are not consistently attending Mass with your children and do not support the parish financially by using church envelopes, you will be considered Non-Practicing.

Tuition Rates:
1 child $4,450
2 children $7,400
3 or more children $9,850

Kindergarten and Pre-K

Kindergarten and Pre-K rates are not included in the two or more child discounts for grades 1-8.

Kindergarten Tuition Rates:
Practicing St. Mark Parishioner $3,650/child
Non-Practicing/ Non-Parishioner $4,950/child

Pre-Kindergarten Tuition Rates: $3,900/child

Comprehensive School Fee -$100 

A $100 per child Comprehensive School Fee that covers the cost of supplies, technology, art and Home & School membership is assessed annually.  This fee will be added to the tuition rates noted above and will be collected over the 10-month installment process.

Registration / Re-Registration Fee -$100.00 / family - Non-Refundable 

Required Registration Items

Birth Certificate- Pre-K students must be 4 years old and Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1 of the current school year.  First Grade students MUST be 6 years of age by September 1 of the current school year.  No exceptions.

Baptismal Certificate – If the child was not baptized at St. Mark Church please present a Baptismal Certificate from the Church in which your child was baptized.

Immunization Record – Record of immunization MUST be presented.  Any child who has not received their required immunizations will not be permitted to start class until such requirements are met.



Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools, BLOCS, is an independent charitable organization supported by companies, firms and foundations of all sizes in the Philadelphia region. BLOCS is committed to giving children access to a high quality, values based education in Philadelphia area Catholic schools.

BLOCS provides tuition assistance to any family who desires a Catholic education regardless of race, religion or ability to pay. St. Mark School supports BLOCS to give children of all races, religion or income access to a St. Mark Catholic School education. Since 2003, BLOCS has funded over 20,000 scholarships for families and students in the Philadelphia region.

To learn more about BLOCS and how to apply, visit